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DCC Featured Cats
Mike Tarlton
A Jersey Ragtop via Waycross, Ga.
Mike Tarlton found his 1969 Cougar convertible in Banegat, N.J., about 180 miles from his home in Hampstead, Md. But it took a trip of nearly 2,000 miles and a major disappointment along the way to reach it. | Full story ››
Tony Paris
Orange Rush
"Have it your way" might be best remembered as a fast food sales pitch, but it also sums up pretty well DCC member Tony Paris' approach to restoring his '70 XR-7. | Full story ››
Charles Popenoe
Head Banger
Charles Popenoe must have a thing for bumping his head on protruding hood grilles and the feel of wind in his hair—how else to explain his love for '70 Cougar ragtops? | Full story ››
Carl Graziano
No Strays Here!
Carl Graziano, Vice President of the Delmarva Cougar Club and co-administrator of the CLASSIC-COUGARS list server, describes his 1968 standard hardtop as a number three car in very solid condition. | Full story ››
Jim Stagner
The Spice of Life?
Having visited 48 states and 17 different countries, DCC charter member Jim Stagner has come to appreciate the beauty of variety and the intrigue of uniqueness. As the owner of three Cougars, Jim also has embraced variety as a cat enthusiast. | Full story ››
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